Knitting Stuff

Ugh, I hate the spew-y tone of yesterday's post, so I have decided to come out and do a Saturday post. Time for some sunshine! (Oh, but thank you for all of your sympathy.) Wanna see some pictures of me knitting?


I know I said some time ago that I've been doing some knitting here and there with nothing to share yet. The knitting shown here, and its deadline (today) is not really related to that. It's not exactly "pleasure knitting" (though any chance to knit is, admittedly, lovely). The story is, I was hired to teach knitting at my local Jo-Ann starting this fall. Wild, huh? Especially to me, since I still have so much to learn about knitting (in my opinion). But I know enough to teach the basic knitting classes that they offer there. Anyway, this week, I finally decided to knit up the samples for the classes as today is the class showcase/demo, where they advertise their classes and teachers to the public and try to get people to sign up. I admit, I'm rather a yarn snob. I really could not get into the "squeaky" feeling of these synthetic yarns as I knit them up (being corporate, Jo-Ann has specific projects and supplies for each class they offer).

joann knitting

Anyway, I am actually really looking forward to teaching these classes. It'll be a chance for me to earn a bit of craft money (must. buy. fabric.) and work on my own knitting during class. I'm a person who can easily get into a place where I dread having things "on my schedule", but this shouldn't be too bad. Only a few times a month, I'm reminding myself.

"in front of the fence"