Late Birthday Gifts

One of our family's favorite little boys turned four in July. Between busy summer schedules, a gift that didn't arrive in time, a few cancellations, teething little ones in both families, and so on, we hadn't had the chance to give him his gifts until yesterday.

gifts for a 4 year old

Pelle's New Suit is a big favorite at our house. The text is simpler than in some of Elsa Beskow's other books. I love the story of a boy shearing his own sheep and then bartering chores with family and friends to have the wool made into a new suit, from carding to spinning to dyeing, and finally being made by the tailor.

the card!

I thought it would be great fun to pair this book with some raw wool, some hand carders, and instructions for dyeing with kool-aid. From there, it's up to him. He comes from a pretty crafty family, so I'm sure they'll make good use of their new fairy wool. Happy belated birthday ~ and wool working ~ little man!