Yard Envy

laura's yard

My friend Laura has the most beautiful backyard. While she definitely has a talent for gardening, I love the small details in her yard even more. A little fairy peeking out here, some fun little stump mushrooms there.

As much as I moan and complain about not having a yard (we've only lived in a free-standing house with a yard for 10 months of our 8 year marriage), the one good thing is that when we finally do move to a place with a yard, no matter how big or small, I have a friend whose established yard greatly inspires me. Oh, and who has already agreed to help me plan and execute mine when the time comes. (Right, Laura?)

Oh, and look at the photo on the bottom right corner. It's one of Erin's twirly skirts, which Laura made beautifully for her daughter. Who is, might I add, in first grade this year. Where does the time go?