Newly Sewn

Elisabeth's bag

We have a new sewer in our house. Elisabeth has been dying to learn to sew on the machine, and we finally gave it a go this week.

ribbon bag straps

She decided to make a bag to carry stuffed animals around in. I let her choose any fabric she wanted, and any ribbon for straps, and she chose this plain pink cotton and polka-dot grosgrain ribbon. And, ever observant, she back-tacked, turned down the top edge of the bag before asking me to pin the ribbon in place, and even selected a zigzag stitch there at the top -- all with practically no help/input from her mama. (Sob.) I did find myself hovering more than I meant to, but I just couldn't stop myself.

Well, with a new bag, a new coin purse was the next order of business. Again, with essentially no help from me:


I was even a little surprised when she figured out how to cut this buttonhole slit. But it really took her just a moment or two of consideration.


Since Elisabeth is such a budding fashionista, it's probably only appropriate that she's starting young with design and construction. ;)