breastfeeding button

...is for breastfeeding. I cannot imagine the last 5 1/2 years of parenting without it. I'm fairly certain that my wee ones couldn't, either. It's such a wonderful way for us to connect, relieve stress (for mama and babe), oh, and there's that whole "nature's perfect food" thing, too. Breastfeeding looks so different with a toddler than with a tiny newborn, but it's still such an important part of our relationship.

...is for berries. I'm much more of a vegetable lover than a fruit lover, but berries are the exception. Our plan for this week is to get over to our local organic pick-your-own for raspberries and late-season strawberries.

porridge breakfast

...is for breakfast. I'm in a bit of a breakfast rut at the moment. Elisabeth always wants pancakes, which I am fairly opposed to making every day (lack of protein and all that). Looking at this photo of yummy, cinnamony millet porridge and applesauce cheers me up a bit, though. If I just made this a week ago, the rut can't be too deep yet! Oh, and we have fresh berries in our breakfast to look forward to this week!

...is for blog. What a wonderful experience blogging has been for me so far! I can't believe how many wonderful people I've met and how motivating it has been for me in my life -- in so many arenas. I love blogging & blogland.