Yesterday morning, not long after I made the B post live, I started having a horrible, acute pain in my side. I called my physician's office, and the nurse told me to come right in because it sounded like appendicitis. (My physician's office happens to be right next door to a hospital, which is lucky. Although, I might add, we very rarely see allopathic physicians.) Anyway, 6 hours, 2 CT scans, 3 x-rays, a blood test and a urine test later, we found out that I didn't have appendicitis afterall, but the largest kidney stone my physician had ever seen. It's too big to pass, so I have an appointment with a urologist tomorrow to decide what to do with it. Hopefully we can get the pain (and frequent throwing up -- ugh) taken care of soon and I'll be back with the letter C early next week.

Take good care in the meantime, friends! I'm off to bed!