The kidney stone still hurts (surprise, surprise), though I do have some prescription pain medication to take when necessary.

I met my urologist today, who was a very kind, professional, and surprisingly young physician. He chatted very comfortably with my two wee ones about his own small children. He reminded me of a slightly less cuddly and definitely less calculatedly sullen version of this tv physician. I teach cello lessons on Thursday nights, and am not much of a television viewer anyway, but I do know enough of my current pop culture to be able to recognize (some of) the "Mc"s of Grey's Anatomy. ;)

So the plan is to do lithotripsy to break the stone up within the next couple of weeks. Until then, I just have to try to manage the pain.

So, back to ugh. At least I haven't thrown up in about 36 hours! Hey, at this point, I'll count my blessings however they appear.

Oh, and a big happy birthday to my friend Laura today!