...is for Christian. I go through phases of being more or less observant, but I find that it's something that I always come back to. I am pretty comfortable with blending other ideas into my spiritual outlook as I make my way on this journey, as well.


...is for cello. I started playing when I was 11. It immediately captured my focus and energy. It became apparent right away that I was quite talented. I grew up in a large city, though, and I was not the best teenage musician out there. My life as a musician, while on the whole extremely positive, is also tinged with disappointing experiences of being the one who was almost chosen, almost the best ... a lot of almosts. I probably could have tried harder; I could have practiced harder rather than relying on my talent (which turned out not to be limitless) to carry me. The professional world of classical music is competitive -- way too competitive -- and competition is just not good for my soul. This is probably why I got married and had children so young -- and I'm so much better for it. But I still love, love to play the cello, and I've learned that teaching private lessons and doing an occasional gig is about the right speed for me.


...is for cloth. Cloth diapers, that is. I pretty much love them. I think they are totally aesthetically pleasing (especially our many wool diaper covers), and honestly, they don't stink like disposables. Washing them myself is part of the experience, for sure. I'm a big fan of mama cloth, too. When I first made the switch, I couldn't believe I hadn't done it sooner.

...is for creating. Amber posted a few months ago about how one of the best ways to find a new career is to think about your childhood interests. Mine were definitely in creating. I loved to sew and draw and write and just make things. As I stepped into the competitive classical music world as a teen and young adult, I set aside -- left behind, actually -- so many of my childhood creative interests, and have only begun to re-explore them since becoming a mother. And for the first time -- probably since I was 14 and started having my "what am I going to do with my life" crisis -- I really feel like I am being true to myself. (Not that my musical life isn't true to myself, but I hope you'll understand what I mean. I'm already getting pretty long-winded.)


...is for Canon. Oh my, I love my Canon so much. Yes, I have been one of the unlucky ones to have experienced the Error 99 message. But, even so, I love the thing in a silly way. And I really must clean that mirror.

cherry pie

...is for cherry pie. Another thing I love in a silly way. I'm all about my grandmother's recipe. So, so good, and one of my only true family recipes. This pie is from 6 months ago. Time to make another!

{And, can you believe it -- I can't -- we've been having chilly autumn-y weather here for two days. Where has the summer gone?}