...is for dreadlocks. Didn't see that one coming, did you? I don't have my hair in dreads, but I have been dying to do it for about the last 5 years. The thing that keeps stopping me is that I know I'll have to shave my head when I'm done with them ... and me + shaved head = not interested.

...is for dolls. The dolls that I make, and the many hours that I spent in dollplay in my own childhood (and into my teens ... I had two younger sisters, afterall). I really believe that a doll is one of the only absolutely essential playthings for a child.

dave cd's

...is for Dave Matthews Band. Dave is my first true love. There are Dave Matthews songs to which I've listened literally thousands of times that still make me weak in the knees every single time. Want me to list them? Well, that would be a very long list indeed. Encyclopedia of Grace's Dave Matthews Obsession, anyone?

...is for date nights with my husband. We don't get nearly enough of these in my opinion. Favorite night out activity? For me, it would be a sushi restaurant, for him, probably Indian food. Maybe some live music, maybe a play? Or maybe just a chance to share some good, quiet conversation.

PS: Thank you for all your well-wishes regarding my kidney stone pain. I'm not in very much pain this week (I imagine the stone shifted and is not causing as much irritation now), and I have an appointment for next week to break the stone up. I'll still have to pass the fragments (yikes!), but I'm hoping it'll happen quickly and then I promise to drink more water.