velour fabrics

...is for fabric. My stash is still in what I would consider its infancy. But it's slowly growing ... half a yard here, 2 yards there. This photo is of some cotton velour I got last month to make little toys and tiny dolls.

...is for fresh. I can't get enough fresh, local produce to satisfy me! When we have friends with an abundant garden of goodies to share, even better.

and freckles

...is for freckles. I have the freckles that come with my red head's complection. I have always liked them, too. I never got why people complained about freckles. I think they give a person's "look" such character. And I think they make me look younger than my age, too, which is kind of a plus.

...is for flat tire. I got one yesterday afternoon while heading out for my afternoon of cello lessons. I couldn't get ahold of my husband who was in meetings all afternoon (and whose cell phone managed to jump out of his bag and stay home ... James?), but we were so, so blessed that the father of our long-time babysitters (3 sisters who have been babysitting for us since Elisabeth was tiny ... and as they have grown up, too) was able to come help us so that I made it pretty much on time to my lessons! I have to say that this family has been such a blessing to our little family over the last 5 years, and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay their many kindnesses.