and another one of me

...is for Grace. That's me. Since this blog is basically all about me every day, there's not much I can do to summarize myself right here, except to say that, like everyone, I'm a very complicated person. And a very simple person.

...is for glam. Despite my dreadlock-craving, natural-living, hippie-chick tendencies, I am also pretty glam. Love the fancy stuff. Love makeup (despite lack of it in above photo, or about any other day around here). Love old-fashioned elegance.

...is for girl. I am adding this for several reasons. 1. I am a girlie-girl (see above). 2. My daughter is a girlie-girl. 3. "Girl" is one of the very few words that Elisabeth can't pronounce properly ("euphonium" is another). She says "gore" instead. She can say "curl" and "pearl" just fine. But she can't say girl. So cute, in my mama opinion.

grocery list

...is for grocery list. Last winter, my husband and I agreed to divide up the household chores to keep me from getting overwhelmed and to keep him from feeling dumped-upon. So he does the grocery shopping now. I printed up some handy little grocery lists which has made the job of grocery planning easier for me and shopping easier for him. Everyone's happy, at least in theory. ;)

...is for gone. By the time you're reading this, the kids and I will have left town for a long weekend to visit some lovely friends. Be back next week!