...is for nose. Don't really like mine. I think it's bulbous. But maybe no one likes their own nose.


...is for naps. We could all use a few more of these at our house lately. Since my "surgery," which was a weekend full of grandma-activity for my wee ones, we have been feeling overstimulated and in need of some down time!

...is for night shift. I used to work 12-hour night shifts as a nurses' aide from when Elisabeth was 3 to a few weeks before James was born. It was hard work. Gruelling, actually. But we needed the money very much, and I don't regret having done it. I don't think I'd ever do it again, though.

...is for "not any more." That's what Elisabeth said when I was talking about the previous "N" entry. She is probably as happy as I am that I don't have that job anymore. She still sometimes talks about the days when I would come home after an all-night shift (pregnant, no less), and collapse into bed. She listened to a lot of Jim Weiss CD's during that period, and remembers it as a boring time. I don't blame her!