O and P


...is for ocean. I have never lived near one, but I am an ocean person for sure. When I first saw it, I was overwhelmed with peace and a sense of being "home." That said, we will never leave our middle-of-the-US home because our family is all clustered near here.

...is for orchestra. I really do miss being part of one. But not enough, right now, to sacrifice the time that joining one would require.


...is for Pisces, my astrological sign. I fit the bill in an almost stereotypical way. It's kind of silly, actually.


...is for pink. Need I say more?

...is for punctuation. I am pretty wild about punctuation. I really love it! But I get a little crazy when it's misused -- for example, apostrophes. I made up a "rule" about apostrophes, which is: "When in doubt, leave it out."

...is for penpals. When I was a girl, I had penpals in Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, several different US states, and Japan. This was just the absolute best way to learn about different parts of the world. It was an awesome experience.