...is for quiet. Oh, I think it's probably been communicated pretty well in the past how I love the quiet moments of life. That's when all the real listening happens.

...is for queen. My childhood ambition to be The Queen notwithstanding, I have at least managed to secure my role as queen of one thing: clutter! If my husband were ever to divorce me (which he wouldn't), it would probably be due to my huge clutter problem. Mellow as he is, this is the one thing that really, really drives him crazy.

Oh, but speaking of queens, have you seen that this new film is coming out in 2 weeks? I am so very excited! Elizabeth is my favorite film of all time, so you can well bet that I'll be there opening day for its sequel!

...is for quilts. I am endlessly fascintated with the entire quilt process. We only have a few family quilts, mostly divided between my mom and me, but I love how there is that little bit of family history stitched right into them. Eren's R post speaks about this idea so beautifully (although she's talking about rag rugs there).

butterfly quilt

And speaking of new things having to do with my q's, this book arrived over the weekend and I am completely smitten!!!!


I've been toying with the idea of making a quilt for Elisabeth, but didn't have any great ideas so far. And then I saw this:

just sweet enough quilt

and thought it was, as the title says, "Just Sweet Enough." There are lots of other inspiring ideas in there, too, lots of inspiration as I think this out!

And how amazingly cute is this? Oh, my.

little bits quilt