red hair

...is for red (hair). My hair has been, quite obviously, a singularly defining force in my life for as long as I can remember. I have gotten so much attention for it. Sometimes I wish (just a little) I could turn it off for a while and see what it would be like for people to look at me instead of my hair. But mostly, I really love it.

one of my reading stacks

...is for reading, my one true obsessive habit. This is just one of my many stacks of books around the house. This photo was taken September 6. See all the Halloween reading? I tell ya, I love Halloween. And I apparently anticipate it for months.

Guys, I am getting a bit sick of Encyclopedia of Me. I think I should finish what I've started, but oh, man! It's October first! There are other things to talk about!

Happy October, by the way!