W, X, Y, and Z


...is for wool. One of my absolute favorite things ever! It's warm in the winter, cool in the summer, water resistant, antibacterial, and just plain beautiful!

...is for wood. The material of which about 50% of our children's toys are made. (The other 50% being fibers of one kind or another.) I have been grateful, in light of the toy recalls of late, that we don't have plastic toys in our home. It has certainly saved me the headache of looking through our toys for recalled ones.

...is for wrinkle. I defy anyone to find one article of my clothing that is not comepletely wrinkled. I have, well, never ironed my own clothes. I have ironed my husband's shirts a few times. I have ironed a dress of Elisabeth's about twice. I do not iron.


x-tra large

...is for x-tra large. I'm a big girl!

...is for "xoxo." If you have corresponded much with me via e-mail, you will probably have noticed that this is my preferred method for signing my notes to people I've known for more than a week or two. You all get a lot of kisses and hugs from me!



...is for yarn. Since I'm pretty much a collector, horder, packrat, stasher, what-have-you, I definitely blend my love of wool and collecting to building a yarn stash. Here is some Manos del Uruguay that I got last year to make my husband a hat. I'm going to make it this year, I promise!

...is for year. We are about 6 weeks or so into my husband's new school year. I am surprised every year by how challenging this transition is for all of us. This year, with him being at a new school, it's even a little harder than usual. It really takes us a good couple of months to get back into the rhythm of having him gone during the week. I know this may sound a little strange, but I actually prefer it when he's working. Three long months of having him around all day is great -- I love being with him -- but it also makes us take that time more for granted than I'd like, and we often enter the fall wishing we'd taken advantage of his home time better. So, although we've been struggling to find our rhythm again this fall, especially with my kidney stone ordeal, things are gradually beginning to fall into a routine, and the children and I are are settling into our days a bit better.


...is for zoo. Elisabeth's favorite family outing. She is so into animals. After The Queen, my other aspiration as a child was to grow up to be an anthropologist, so the zoo, for me, is a bit on the ho-hum side since that's not really where my interests lie. But I'm trying a lot harder now that I have this child who is so captivated by animals.

...is for zero. The number of serious boyfriends I'd had before my husband, the number of kidney stones I now have (yay!), the number of times a week I've been exercising lately (hmm...), and probably a lot of other things that I've never tried or done!

...is for Zzzzz, what I want to do now that I'm done with the Encyclopedia of Me. Actually, I'm really glad I stuck with it! But now I'm looking forward to "regular" posting.