T, U, and V


...is for tall. I am really a giant of a woman. 6 feet tall. Another very singular characteristic. There aren't that many 6-foot-tall red-heads running around.

...is for teeth. I am really vain about mine. I had braces. And I really like the results. ;)

...is for toes. I nibble at my children's toes every single day. I am totally obsessed with them. I call them "jelly bean toes."

mother's day tulips

...is for tulip, my favorite flower.


...is for university, where my husband and I met.

...is for "uppy," the word both of my children have used to mean "I want up; I want to be held; I need you, Mama."


favorite vintage ribbon

...is for vintage. I love the vintage in the world; I have always, always been like this, since I was a little girl and completely obsessed with "the olden days." I really, really do not like shopping, browsing, or anything related to those things, however, so thrifting is an art that I have not mastered. So, I don't have a ton of authentically "old" stuff, besides what my mom and mother-in-law share with me. I do have a collection of vintage ribbon, most of which I've found at a local ribbon and trim shop. Shown above is my favorite find.

...is for vacations. We don't really take them. Not in the budget (yet). But my ideal vision for a vacation would be one built around learning, like visiting this place, or this one, or this one, or this one. (I have actually visited three of those four places already, as a child, but I'd sure like to see them again.)

...is for volunteer. For the last 3+ years, volunteering for this organization has been a big part of my life -- and our family's life. Our little world has been so enriched in so many ways through our (almost) 6-year involvement, one of the most significant being the many friendships that have come out of it.