Someone New

Someone new joined my life in late August:


The aurora 430!

I hesitated to post this -- even though I knew all of you would be some of its more enthusiastic supporters -- because this was a very expensive purchase for me and I don't want to seem like a person who normally spends a lot of money on things. Does that sound weird? I just don't want to be too braggy, I guess. But this was a carefully considered, actually agonizingly considered, purchase. That I tried about 80 times first. Finally, we decided that we were ready to go for it. I had really outgrown my other machine, and my husband and I agreed that it would be better for me to have a machine that I can grow into now.

So, I have been wanting to sew all the time. But I haven't done very much since getting it -- I was laying in bed, in a lot of pain, for so much of September. Now I'm on deadline with a sewing project, and do you know what I did last night? I knitted James a sweater. Well, most of a sweater. It still needs sleeves. I'll certainly be sharing it with all of you on Tuesday. Monday is for sharing my on-deadline sewing project.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, I think I'll just post a photo or two. And I am going to try, try, try to stay off the computer for the rest of today. Because I really must finish this project!