Things I have learned in the last day



1. Caffeine is not necessarily a good thing 100% of the time.

2. Despite my gratitude for having even a little space of my own (not having to schlepp things back and forth to the dining room table every time I craft), one table does not a craft room make.

3. Knitting an entire sweater in one day can be a relaxing distraction from a deadline, but it can also just be procrastination.

4. Staying indoors for more than 24 hours may result in Mama's use of her angry voice.

5. There are way too many beautiful and creative blogs out there. Stop it, you all!

6. Cheese-less pizza is actually, surprisingly, pretty good. Especially when brought home as a surprise by my husband at 10pm after his gig at our favorite local pizza-and-music place. Which happens to be just a few doors down from our favorite local coffee-wine-and-music place.