The Big Reveal

OK, the suspense is over. I finished my big project in time! And here he is:


Oh, yes, it's another doll. I didn't really allow myself as much time as I would have liked on this one, but I am totally thrilled with him. He's a 4th birthday gift for my dear friend Gina's youngest son, a very special family and little boy to us.

in the leaves

What amazes me about the dollmaking process is how much personality the doll develops as it's being created. As I was working on this one, it occurred to me that his name should be Graham -- not a name I would normally even think about, but it just seemed to be his. Because he seemed to be such a unique little person to me.

graham's crown

I'm pretty excited with how firm he is -- he's a very solid little fellow, and his arms have a "posable" quality about them. I made the arms a little differently this time, and I am much happier with them.

 why, hello there!

The other thing I was so excited about was the fact that this doll was made entirely using materials from my stash. It was so exciting to be able to sit down and make something from start to finish with things I had on hand, from the wool yarn for his hair and sweater, the corduroy and fabric trim on his pants and crown, to the wool felt for his shoes and crown. So, my stash is growing! Yay!

hand, sweater, leaves

Anyway, it was a little hard for me to relinquish Graham today, but seeing the birthday boy dressing and undressing him, changing his diapers (thanks for that pattern, Angela!), and just generally enjoying him made it all better.

just happy it's autumn

Oh, and we had our first few snowflakes this evening!