for you

I've been thinking a lot about this community of mamas that we have here. No, not all the blogs I read are written by mamas, or necessarily even women. But most are. And I am so very amazed each and every day by the posts of all you mamas. This is a community of people, who, by the very nature of the medium, are working to be thoughtful.

shadow mama
My shadow is really tall and skinny.

You -- we -- are all so thoughtful. Here is a community of people who are working hard to create beautiful homes for their families, regardless of their circumstances. To be mindful of the small moments that could so easily slip past and be forgotten in the daily work of keeping a home and raising a family. To provide their children with healthful foods. To honor their family history. To bring a spirit of creativity, of making something with one's own hands, into the every day. This is the real work of life, in my opinion. This is work that enriches our lives in countless ways. No, you don't need a blog to live your life this way. But in the process of blogging, so many of us have connected with one another, and have received so much inspiration, motivation, support, and validation from this community in return.

in the leaves

Sometimes, I'll admit, I waste a bit too much time on the computer. Reading blogs, following links, getting tangled up in the eye candy of flickr. I sometimes need to remind myself to get off. (There really is an endless supply of beauty out there, though.) But despite that, I think that my life and my parenting are better for having made my way into this community. And it's because of you. Because each of you takes a little time out of your day to share something from your own corner of the world. And I am so very, very grateful.

**PS: Please feel free to continue to leave comments on yesterday's post. As I said before, I'm waiting until the beginning of next week to do the drawing for the doll. Of course I'd like to hear from you on this post, too ... and any other you'd like to comment on, as well!!**