Just a quick post to say...

Hello, and wow. I am so overwhelmed and grateful for the response to last week's blogaversary post. I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last week had a lovely day. Ours was snowy and cozy. Lots of baking. Super fun. More photos will be up on flickr today or tomorrow. Until then, here's one of my wee one in the snow.

snow babe

I'm a bit behind on the blog here -- I had one more gushy post about blogging I wanted to share, and I probably will on Wednesday. We've had a dog emergency which requires surgery immediately, so we're off in a few minutes to take our pup in for her surgery. (Torn tendon in her knee. Yikes.) Anyway, I'm not sure how behind this will make me today, but we still plan to do the drawing for the doll tomorrow morning, unless something else unplanned presents itself.

xo, Grace