Today is my big birthday. 30!

from elisabeth

gifts from nature via my girl

embroidery by my girl

embroidery by Elisabeth -- a very tiny tulip, because they're my favorite

birthday eve

dusk on the eve of my birthday


THIRTY roses from my husband

My big day, and my husband and I both feel pretty yucky. He's much sicker; he came home from work this morning after about 40 minutes. We've been lying low. Birthday plans for tonight have been postponed until tomorrow, in hopes that we'll both be feeling better.


But, I had to post at least a little something today. And do I ever have a little something to show! I'm left a little speechless by this, but I received a collaborative gift in the mail today from Alicia, Emily, Erin, and Sarah. These women are talented and generous and simply awe-inspiring. I am stunned by what they sent.


It's a book. A book that Sarah made, and hinted about here. (I can't believe that was for me!)

the sight of stars makes me dream...

photograph and quote shared by Emily

Each of them shared a little something with me. I am touched and amazed and ... well, I can't think what to say. A little teary. This is what I was talking about with regard to blog friends!


watercolor and ink by Alicia (isn't her handwriting beautiful?)

just ... thirty

photograph and watercolor & ink by Alicia

30 things

30 things that Erin loves about me?!

"thirty and one to grow on"

"thirty plus one to grow on" by emily

sparkle ... and treasure

photographs by Sarah

I wanted to share more photos of the pages of the book, but my photos of their photos weren't turning out as well as I'd like.

Anyway, despite feeling somewhat yucky, this has been such a sweet, sweet day. Such a way to welcome my thirties! Thank you all!