A Guest Blogger!

Thank you all so, so much for your fantastic birthday wishes over the last few days! They have really been a special part of this year's celebration! And now, I'd like to introduce today's special guest blogger...

green butterfly

Hi, this is Elisabeth. These are green butterflies and I made them out of long pine needles and string. And I got the pine needles on our dog's walk.

pine needles and pinecones

I also found the pinecones on my dog's walk. I thought that a shop would be a good idea. It would have these butterflies, or a kit to make them.

pencil and tape measure

I took all these pictures with my mama's camera. I found this broken-tipped pencil and a tape measure. I set them up on a piece of paper. It was blank. I thought it would look sort of like my mama was making a homemade pattern. I also think fabric buttons are cool.

One more thing. 10 and 10 are 20, and three 10's are 30. That's how old my mama is.

Bye till my shop is made. ~Elisabeth.

Edited to add: I am not really setting up an Etsy shop for her, but I thought it was so cute that she was thinking about it over the last couple of days.