Banner Archive

Inspired by my good friend and esteemed fellow blogger, Sarah of cloth.paper.string, here is an archive of all of my previous blog banners. Just because I like to be able to remember and see them again -- it's easy to get a bit wistful about them. ;)

November 2006

November 2006, the original Uncommon Grace banner. I imagined I'd never change it. Because it was so hard for me (digital photography, editing, and cropping had only been in my life about 2 or 3 weeks at the time), and because I loved it so much.

December 2006

December 2006. I did change it about 6 weeks later, though, wanting to capture a winter feel.

about page

For my "About" page. This is my favorite of all of them. This was one of the first photos I ever took on my camera, and really one of my favorite, still.

My About page is very important to me, and even though I have an FAQ up now, I can't take the About page down because it expresses very personally my objectives in beginning to blog. Sometimes I think I do better at fulfilling those objectives than others.

April 2007

April 2007. I remember taking this photo specifically with the blog banner in mind. This was the one tiny patch of spring and green that I could find around my home at that time. Just beyond this was a whole lot of brown grass and remnants of brown leaves.

May 2007

May 2007. My Mother's Day flowers from that year. They were so beautiful -- all that pink (my favorite color) and a whole lot of tulips (my favorite flowers). This is one of only two banners taken inside my home. The others are all outside, in an attempt to express the importance of observing the seasons of the year in our family life and small corner of the world.

June 2007

June 2007. I had something really specific in mind for this one (also taken with the blog banner in mind). Since I don't have a wide-angle lens, this was about as close as I could get. Fortunately my little model obliged my "fantasy" without even knowing it. Sitting at the edge of the pool is/was a pretty common occurrence, however, so maybe that's where the idea came from in the first place. I really wanted to evoke summertime, and a somewhat retro feel. I spent my summers at the pool as a girl, we swam every day (swim team). My own children spend a lot of time in the water as well.

August 2007

August 2007. This photo was taken on the night of our 8th wedding anniversary. We were driving from my sister's house, where we'd just dropped off the kids, to the restaurant where we were to have dinner. As we crested a hill, we just saw this field of sunflowers and pulled off the road for some photos. It was such a strange and lovely sight.

September 2007

September 2007. This was taken the day my camera returned to me after taking a trip for repairs. I love the red of the leaves against that bright, bright blue of the sky.

November 2007

November 2007. One of the first snows of the season. I really love this one, but I found it hard to get the title to show up very well against the leaves, no matter where I positioned it. I wanted to keep this one longer, but it had such a distinct late autumn/early winter feel to it that it ended up only staying up about a month.

December 2007

December 2007. This photo was taken on my parents' deck. Pretty magical, huh?

January 2008

January 2008. Same photo (cropped slightly differently), different font. I decided to change fonts for my title after falling in love with the lower-case "g" of Baskerville Old Face.

March 2008

March 2008. So happy to see Mr Robin after a long, long winter. I don't love the font color on this one, but ultimately I chose to go with it because I did want to coordinate with the robin's plumage.

july 2008

July 2008. The first one I'd done in months -- our computer died in April of 2008, and I was using my husband's work laptop off and on, but it didn't have a program to allow me to edit the pixel size of an image, so I couldn't create a new banner image for a long time. This photo was taken while visiting family in southern Kentucky, and just embodied summertime to me.

rainy leaf banner

September 2008. I have always said that my favorite season tends to be the one that is just approaching. So when we had a tiny sign that autumn was on its way -- just one or two yellow leaves, a couple of rainy days -- I was so excited and jumped on the opportunity to change the look on my blog!