Letting the Art Back In

Dear Friends,

I am feeling a bit tapped out and overwhelmed -- emotionally, creatively, and just with life in general. I think between having a bad season with regard to colds (the one from last week still hanging on...), stress about looking for a place to move to (still no good prospects on that, by the way), and just a feeling of having found myself behind -- one step behind my now more mischievous two-year-old and my almost six-year-old who leaves me feeling at a loss many days, behind in my work around the home, and so on -- I have allowed myself to let the "art" of living step right on out of my life.

looking at some chickens

So, with that in mind, I'm going to take about a week or ten days away from the computer. For all the amazing inspiration and motivation that can be found in the online world -- and the blogging "neighborhood" in particular -- there are times (I'm sure for everyone, not just me), when computer time seems to take over more than it should. And so a short break seems in order for me.

on the fence

I am hoping that I'll return here late next week feeling refreshed, with maybe a few projects to share, and a feeling of having let a little bit more balance -- and art -- back into my days. Be well -- I'll see you soon!

xo, Grace

PS: I will be checking my email once a day out of pure logistical necessity, so don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a line. I may need to keep responses quick, but I'll be able to "hear" you.