Bring in the Boxes


{photography in this post by Elisabeth}

We found out a couple of days ago that we got the house we wanted, and so we're moving in less than two weeks!

We're excited, although I do feel a bit like a chicken with its head cut off. I'm a pretty bad (read: disorganized) mover, so everything is a bit topsy-turvy around here.


I've been spending about half my time on Craigslist looking for stuff we're going to need: washer and dryer, freezer, swamp cooler ... the list goes on. And the packing. Oh, the packing. I have never been happier that my children go to bed early. Tonight -- just as soon as my husband returns from a box and newspaper (OK, and movie and treat) run, and I finish this post -- it's back to the madcap hilarity (er, packing). It's funny how even something small like emptying a bookshelf or packing away some CD's makes the house look and feel different.


The children have been having no end of fun using boxes to construct tunnels and hideaways -- and collapsed boxes make great slides, too. So it's all fun!