In the midst of hunting down appliances and packing (how is it that stuff takes up so much more space when it's in boxes?!), I haven't been taking too many pictures. But, I did come across this meme that's going around flickr today, and decided to join in. I'm usually awful about participating in memes (sorry to anyone who has tagged me!) -- they tend to overwhelm me -- but this one was so much fun!

Flickr meme -- so much fun!

These are the questions, from the upper left:

What is your first name? Grace. Most of the images that came up when I typed "Grace" were of swans, which is just so not me. So I chose the above image.

What is your favorite food? Indian food

What high school did you attend? None: I was homeschooled

What is your favorite color? Pink, of course!

Who is your celebrity crush? Dave Matthews -- in a silly way. That photo up there just makes my heart beat faster. Luckily my husband is a pretty secure guy, because I have been crushing hard on Dave for 14 years.

Favorite drink? Mojito -- but really only those made by my husband. :)

Dream vacation? While my recent trip to NYC was quite awesome, my dream vacation is London, London, and only London. I am a huge anglophile. Did you know that about me? Though I've been to Europe, I haven't had the chance to visit the UK or Ireland yet.

Oops! I left out this one: What is your favorite dessert? Cherry pie!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Not so sure if I loved my answer here, but I said "peaceful." I am pretty anxious and intense, so I hope that one day I can outgrow those characteristics a little bit. ;)

What do you love most in life? That's an easy one -- my children! I cheated to add this one. But I'm good with that.

One word to describe you. I was going to say "intense" but none of the images that came up were quite right, so I switched it to "perfectionist."

Your flickr name. It's UncommonGrace. The shot of Graham is one of my most "interesting" photos on flickr to date.

Click on the photo above to get photo credits and so on.

Elisabeth wanted to do one, too.

Hope your weekend is going well, everyone!