About a Boy

This summer my little one has turned from a baby into a little boy. (Here he is helping his daddy move a mattress earlier this week.)

such a helper!

Not the loquacious child that his sister was at this age, his language is just beginning to take off. He likes to add "ie" to the end of many words: "Lissie" (what he calls his sister), "rice milkie," "buggie" (for bug), and "bonkie" (when he gets a bump on the head -- or anywhere else!) are some of my favorites. Another of my favorite phrases is "Oh, my, Mama!" whenever something is amiss. "Me do it!" is something we're hearing a lot these days. And one of his very favorite things: to jump up or out from somewhere and shout "Pize!" (for surprise). I'm loving the way that his little sentences are so deliberate and carefully constructed right now. I'm just loving hearing him talk, I guess.

see his hair?!

He's growing a bit of hair ... finally! It's sandy-colored and curls after a bath or when he's been playing hard outside.


He loves to play the piano with his sister.

muddy feet

He loves mud. He loves lawnmowers.


He loves a little "kitty" that he got at the zoo one day (nevermind all the mama-made dollies around here!) He loves to wear dresses and ballet costumes. He really loves to talk on the phone to anyone who will listen!


And he loves his sister most of all.

{My new computer is up and running! Yay! I can finally see what I'm looking at! My new house is not quite up and running, although we've slept here for four nights now. It has been a long and crazy move. Tomorrow we're off for a week-long trip, to here, here, and here, and stopping here and here as well. I'm so excited! I think we'll have the laptop with us, so I might post some pictures in flickr, and maybe I'll see you in this space, as well.}