Making me happy

We returned from our trip yesterday. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of driving -- I think the grand total was 3700 miles. Whew!

I had the best of intentions for uploading to flickr and even posting here a few times while we were away -- and I did upload a few things from the first day's drive to flickr, but somehow they remained private all that time. But I really had less computer time than I expected (which is really a good thing). So, now we're home. We have lots of unpacking to do in the house (we took a trip only days after moving?! what were we thinking?!), my husband was out mowing the lawn first thing this morning, and we generally have lots of easy, unscheduled summer days to look forward to now that the rush of this crazy June has passed.

I have tons of photos from the trip, and I'll get many of them up in the next few days. But for today, while I'm still in recovery mode, I thought I'd share a few things that are making me happy right now.

1. Being home


2. A meal shared with old friends (who we hadn't seen in many years) on the last night of our trip

paper dolls by hand

3. Paper dolls

flowers in kentucky

4. Stopping to smell the flowers on a Kentucky backroad

5. The music of Ingrid Michaelson

laura ingalls wilder house

6. Visiting the home of my daughter's -- and my own -- childhood superstar

louisville sky

7. Sunsets over water

8. A blessingway for one of my dearest friends tonight

new nightgown

9. A new nightgown made by another very good friend

green river beach

10. An afternoon at the beach