A tale of three dollies

Hello, patient friends! I don't know where I've been lately! It's been a long week -- good long, I suppose, but very long!! Hopefully things will settle back to normal around here very soon.

Part of our recent trip was allotted for doll deliveries.

happy amy

Alicia and I had organized a swap of our dolls months ago, although the one I made went to little N, while I greedily kept Alicia's all for me! It was so much fun to exchange our dolls the night we arrived.

my dolly

I love her curly pigtails! Excuse the blurry photo -- I took this one at Alicia's and since we've been home, I haven't straightened up my creative space enough to do any photography in there. But that's where she'll be living! (I have my own room now! Yay!)


My other doll was for a mama and little girl who had been waiting very patiently for a long time on a doll that I was having a hard time giving up! There was something about this doll that I just didn't want to part with. But, the family lived serendipitously near Cincinnati, and they drove to our hotel to pick up the dolly.

mary's apron & sleeve

I had some apron-making problems with this one, but I don't think her new little mama will mind. ;)

mary with her little mama

As always, see more pictures of my dolls here.