Guest Blogger :: Summer Is...

Summer is :: 

Violet fingers

The Very Last 

and the wide, wide blue sea. 
Little Boy, Big Ocean 

Summer is inhaling the verdant green, 

Basil Farmer 

And savoring bushels of sunsets that are precisely the color of ripe peaches, and just as sweet. 


Summer is a long walk in a field of yellow, with cicadas singing overhead. 

Sunflower Road

Summer is all the colors under the big orange sun, poured into jeweled jars, to warm the chilly grey days ahead.

  Summer Is :: For Savoring 

**** Hi y'all!!! My name is Stefani, and I'm just so excited to join the girls of summer, here on Grace's blog! What fun it is to see the season through the eyes of such lovely and talented women! 

Most days, you can find me at my regular haunt, Blue Yonder, where I share little bits of my crazy sweet life with 3 boys and 5 chickens. You can also find the story of us, in photos, on our Flickr site

We're wishing you all colorful, sticky, sweet summer days!