Guest Blogger:: Summer Is:

just me and the earth Summer is when the earth comes alive. It is when water sparkles and dances... when green leaves become translucent under a golden sunset. hillside Summer is an endless palette of color offered freely as comfort and inspiration. this rock lives Summer is walking slowly through the woods and looking closely, low to the ground. Here, we are reminded by something that is millions of years old to be still, to stay strong, and to understand the truth that in order to exist peacefully in the world, we must be willing to support, love and nurture the lives of others.
 picnikfile_9xjoSW Summer is a season of roadside farmstands and deep front porches, a season of creamsicles and sticky fingers, of chilled wine and bruschetta, of swimsuits drying and sand in the car. Summer is my season. A time when I, like the earth, am most alive. 

Well hello there, my name is Heather... I'm feeling a little shy and at the same time thrilled to pieces to be here. I can also be found writing and sharing about all things under the sun at my blog, Beauty That Moves. Thank you dear Grace for hosting myself and so many other beautiful ladies. It's been a pleasure.