Guest Blogger :: Summer is:

Dsc_1695Summer is buying locally grown strawberries from roadside stands and being reminded of the goodness of others. Listening to your inner voice to pay him more, honoring him for his selling style. Dsc_1294Summer is lazy days spent at the pool with the scent of coconut sunscreen and fresh grilled food. Listening to the shriek of the lifeguards whistle and the laughter of children. Dsc_1302Summer is teaching children the importance of working together for a summer meal. Listening to the snapping noise as the husk is being torn away from the cob. Dsc_1351_2Summer is the reward one gets from planting seeds in the spring. Listening to the buzz of bees that are feeding on flowers.....and not my children. Dsc_1399_4Summer is dinner served outside. Listening to the faint sound of lawnmowers in the distance, the sounds of summer, the beautiful, wonderful sounds of life. Hello! My name is Leslie, and I blog over at a friend to knit with where I like to sprinkle bits and pieces of my family life on top of knitting. I can also be found over on flickr. Thanks so much to Grace for hosting the "summer is" series. It was such a joy to join in the fun with these girls and such a sweet reminder to soak up all I can of summer.