A bit of sad news today...

LeRoi Moore 1961-2008
LeRoi Moore, saxophonist of Dave Matthews Band, died yesterday. To say how shocked and saddened I am by this news would be an enormous understatement. I know I've mentioned here a few times how important the music of DMB has been to me over the years. I've basically lived on it. My entire courtship with my husband is flavored by it. I know there are so many of us in our late 20's and 30's who have been inspired in some way or other by the music of this band.
Anyway, my shock over this news is so great that I don't know what to say, except that I wish comfort to those closest to him.
PS: This is me, Grace. Aren't my guest bloggers doing a beautiful job? I feel so blessed that each of these inspiring women has been willing and able to contribute to Uncommon Grace this month. I'll be back to regular posting at the end of the series, in early September. Until then, I'm excited to see what summer is to some more amazing ladies!