Guest Blogger :: Summer Is :


Summer is an endless opportunity to create, given to us by a warm, lingering sun and the generous earth that it shines down upon. 


With days out at the beach, driftwood bridges leading over the sandcastles' motes are created. Paths are constructed with a myriad of seashells. Games are invented with the incoming waves...


With days in the yard a garden is created with the workable soil. Edging stones and climbing poles are laid out in thoughtful ways. Plants are cultivated and cared for. Watering time is inspiration for fun ways to cool off.


With days in the kitchen meals are created with the fruits of the season. Berries become pies, ice creams, etc... Peppers get stuffed. Tomatoes get layered up with mozzarella and basil. Here and now almost anything is possible in the kitchen and the fresh produce keeps the ideas and imagination flying high.

Thank you Summer for all the materials out there and the opportunities they provide to create. Summer is fun.

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hi everyone. my name is kristin from over at honeyflake. i'm quite thrilled to be popping in here today, joining this wonderful tribute to this very wonderful, sunny season. thanks grace!