Guest Blogger :: Summer is:

Bikes.  It's all bikes all the time around here.  The boys listen for the sound of their friends training wheels rattling over the pavement.  It really is a distinctive sound. 


Then they run and find their sandals.

I like to wait till the evening for a long riding session, but I usually don't get my way.  I prefer to wait until 6:20, which is now 5:20 as the days get shorter, for the shadows from the cottonwoods and houses to shade the circle. 

There is usually a whole pack of kids, mostly boys, out riding in the evening.  Tricycles, bikes, training wheels, scooters, you name it.  Sometimes a parent or teenager will join in the fray, which the kids love.


For me, the bike thing this summer has been very special.   Even more so than last year when my daughter learned to ride without training wheels (oh, happy day!).  This year both of my sons are riding like maniacs on their tricycles. 

Which is a big deal.

Last summer I got my son (who is autistic) a big trike in the hopes that it would help his motor and social skills (pedaling + hanging out with the other boys).  He liked that he had a bike like his friends, but wasn't so into riding it.  It wasn't until this summer that he's really taken off riding. 

When the neighbors see him outside riding, they will usually come out too - and they have races and play policeman and gas station and super heroes, and I love it.  He used to ask to ride bikes in the hopes that his friends would come out and they could do something else  - now he is now happy just to ride - even if it's just with his little brother.


I don't know what it is about bikes.  My daughter took a little spill last month and has refused to ride again until this week.  Though she's a bit more cautious, she's proud of herself and is enjoying her rides more and more.   I'm proud of her getting over her fear.  It makes me smile when she takes one hand off the handlebar to wave to me.  I also love seeing the boys give each other rides on their tricycles.  It warms my heart.


So you'll find us out in the circle in the evenings until the weather changes. 


And if you have a cape to wear while riding?  It makes it that much better.


Hi!  I'm Kirsten - I blog over at kirsten*can about whatever random stuff is in my head that day, whatever crazy stuff my three kids are doing or my current craft obsession.  Thanks for reading my ramblings today!  

And I swear, in the above photo of my 3yo wearing his Batman shirt with hippo shorts - he dressed himself! 

But I let him. ;)

I think I'm the last guest blogger - so we should have Grace back soon - yay!