Summer Is...

Hello, everyone! I'm back from my "summer break" with much to share. This is the final post in the Summer Is series. I would like to thank my fantastic guest bloggers for contributing in such beautiful and unexpected ways over the last month. Sarah, Molly, Emily, Stefani, Heather, Erin, Leslie, Alicia, Kristin, and Kirsten are all such amazing, inspiring women and true friends. Thank you, ladies.

Summer is...


...a snack of fresh produce gifted by our new neighbor from her yard -- lovingly arranged by my girl.

backyard camping

...camping. Even if this year it ended up only being in the backyard.

fairy scroll

...celebrating Midsummer Night (that's a link to last year's Midsummer post), this year with friends.

flowers from e

...little living gifts from my children.

u pick

...a little bit of u-pick fun. (Strawberry season in our part of the world was fairly weak this year due to a late frost, so no freezer jam this year for us...)

amusement park

...our once-a-year trip to an amusement park.

backyard fair3

...and the backyard rides inspired by it.


And finally, summer is the time to feel awe for life in the most tangible of ways. In the life of my daughter, coursing through her. ("Mama, feel my heart beating!" she gasps after racing around the yard at twilight.)

Now, what's autumn to you? Come join me over in the new flickr group!