At long last...

You all have been so very patient as you've waited to discover what this big work-in-progress I've alluded to is. I've been excited to share it with you, but it wasn't quite time yet. But finally today, with the help of my magnificent assistant, I have an illustration for you:

WIP finally revealed!

That's me. With our newest wee one traveling happily along inside my belly! (Don't you love my rosy cheeks?!)

We are all so excited around here! We can't wait to meet our new babe so that we'll have some cheeks to kiss. We expect his or her arrival to be right around the first of March, give or take. (My due date is actually March 4, but I've never made it quite to the end.) Elisabeth wants me to mention that she likes the name Cupcake for a girl, and Karl for a boy.

So, I'm sure you'll all want to know how things have been going. Baby is healthy and growing, with a strong heartbeat. Mama is very, very sick. I'm one of those unfortunate ladies who has that severe nausea and vomiting -- that lasts, and lasts, and lasts. So, though I'm quite firmly into the second trimester now, I'm still quite ill and not doing as much as I was before. Having done this twice before, I do have some perspective, and though I admit to pleading with God for it to stop sometimes, I do know that pregnancy goes by remarkably quickly, and we have a little miracle to look forward to at the end!

And to some of you who guessed about my big project -- the three most popular guesses were a book, an etsy store, and a new baby. I have to say that I would love, love, love to write a book. I don't have a particular topic in mind for one, so I don't have one in the works. But it's something that I have wanted to do since I was a wee girl myself. An Etsy store, while not in progress right now, is something you will most definitely see from me at some point, though not until after baby arrives. And those of you who guessed it was a baby ... well, you were right on!!