In the Orchard

First, I want to thank you all so much for your enthusiasm about our news. Reading all of your sweet comments has certainly added to the excitement here. We just can't wait to meet our little someone new!


We have had a strange and busy week, which explains my longer than expected absence here. Between a scary injury (in a very inoppurtune place) for our little guy necessitating a "drop everything and rush to the ER" trip (everything is fine, by the way), a busier than usual weekend, a mama with a very sore shoulder (alternating ice and heat, and calling my midwife begging to be allowed to take more Tylenol), and a dog who both impressed and grossed us all out by killing a squirrel for the first time in the eight years we've had her, I haven't quite known which end was up since last week at this time.


We did take a day to visit our favorite, small, sweet, family-run apple orchard for some quiet apple picking, basking in that early autumn sunshine, visiting with some horses and chickens, and enjoying a treat of fresh apple cider and handmade cider doughnuts on the farmhouse porch.

to the orchard we go!

gigantic apple

apple cider doughnut

apple trees