Happy October!

October is probably my favorite month of the year. I really love the changing seasons, the coziness of autumn evenings, baking, comfort foods (bring on the soup!), the festive feel of preparation for Halloween ... I really love it. As I'm starting to feel just the teeniest bit better (nearing the halfway point of pregnancy -- yay!), I have high hopes that our days won't all blend together this month, with day after day of my lying in bed. I'm looking forward to exploring the season with my wee ones, making some costumes (really just getting reacquainted with my sewing machines -- I haven't sewn since July!), starting to think of some holiday gifts ... I'm so excited!


Not many photos for you today; I have been forgetting to carry my camera lately. Again, I have high hopes that this, too, will shift with the change of season and my feeling a bit better.

pumpkin bread

We made this pumpkin bread last week after I saw the recipe over at Molly's. We were just pouring in the ingredients, and I was kind of on auto-pilot, so it wasn't until after I baked it and tasted how sweet it was that I went back and looked at the recipe -- 3 cups of sugar! It was so tasty -- a real treat. We called it "pumpkin cake" because it was so sweet. Anyway, I might reduce the sugar next time, but it was really, really yummy. It got gobbled up very quickly in this house!

{Edited: Though I am feeling somewhat better, I am still quite sick. I've experienced this hyperemesis in all of my pregnancies, though this one has been by far the worst. I have tried all the usual home remedies, acupressure, homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and two pharmaceutical medications -- the latest being one that was developed for chemo patients. I haven't received much relief from any of this. It seems that, for me, time and rest are the two best remedies. I have a really good midwife who is monitoring my health and the baby's, and everything is OK, though I would probably benefit from eating and drinking more. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and warm words. It's such a happy, exciting time, but feeling sick dampens that sweetness just a little bit. Sigh. It's good to know that people are thinking of me.}