One week

One week. As slowly as the previous three weeks -- the previous nine months, really -- went, this week has been the fastest of my entire life, I think. So much joy and adjustment are happening at our house.

~Trying to recover from childbirth (and the months of pregnancy that came before) -- still feeling a little achey and sore.

~The arrival of the Milk. And the tears that flow right along with it. (Not that I'm feeling very down, but emotional in that new-mama way.)

little lady

~Falling in love with this little lady. How can a one-week-old newborn seem so very dainty and feminine? I don't know, but baby Fiona certainly seems to be very much the essence of ladylike.

~Thinking so much about the birth. I need to get a birth story written down before I forget too many details.

~The laundry. The laundry! Luckily my husband has been handling that.

~Marveling at how much alike and still how very different she looks from her sister and brother.

three asleep

~Witnessing the birth of these older siblings, their absolute adoration for their new sister. And having to come up with many, many new and creative ways to keep them busy and happy and getting along while mama is resting.

~Feeling so grateful for the generosity of friends, and the meals that have been brought to us.

~Wondering how next week -- my first week home alone with three children -- will go. (I'll have some help on some of those days, thankfully.)

~Taking lots of photos and trying to memorize these moments with my littlest babe.

tiny foot

~Just loving.

And thank you all so much for your many congratulations and blessings over the last week. It has been so special to read all of your warm and lovely comments as they've come in.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PS: The hat in this post was made by Shelley, it is 100% silk, and so soft and so beautiful. Oh, my. I am I mean, Fiona is very lucky to have it.