Three years old!


Today my little man turns three years old. It's so hard for me to believe that just three years ago, we were cradling a different newborn, our Jamesy. And that in just three years, he has changed so much.

One year ago, he was still navigating his way from babyhood into toddlerhood. He had very few words. Now he is a very talkative little boy who will share his thoughts on just about anything with just about anyone.

He has an amazing imagination, and spends a good bit of his time playing various characters -- a gravelly-voiced alligator, my dad(!), a ballerina. He has voices and mannerisms for each of his characters, and it makes every day a joy and a surprise.

He loves music. It's easy to see that he experiences it with his entire being. We went to see one of my husband's gigs a couple of months ago, and James was mesmerized. He still talks about the instrumentation of the band that evening, and tells us what each instrument was doing.

He loves and admires his big sister. He thinks she can do anything. I think this is incredibly sweet and precious. And the fact that she is so gentle and helpful with him makes it much sweeter.

helping with baby

He is a big brother! Though these last two weeks have been a challenge for him in so many ways, I am amazed and inspired by his gentleness with and love for his baby sister. And he is growing into his new role more and more every day.

I'm so proud of my big boy. Happy birthday, Jamesy!