It's all about the pants

I'm woefully behind with sharing some of my more recent projects. I do have two more pairs of Picky Pants to share, and I'm sure I'll use this pattern many more times.

yellow longie4

yellow longie5

I knit this yellow pair at the end of March. My mom bought the yarn, Cascade 220 Superwash, for me. Superwash yarn isn't the best for a diaper cover because you do want a diaper cover to felt together just a wee bit, but they do make some very cute pants.

yellow longie2

I loved the garter hem, and will probably use it again.

fiona's springtime longie3

fiona's springtime longie2

This second pair was begun at the beginning of April, and I intended it for Fiona's Easter basket. There was also going to be a doll sweater from the same yarn for Elisabeth's basket. However, Elisabeth walked in on me knitting the pants one night (spoiling the surprise), so I just set them aside. (I was behind, anyway.)

I finally finished the pants a couple of weeks ago, though the doll sweater is still awaiting some seaming.

fiona's springtime longie6

These are also Malabrigo worsted. I absolutely love this yarn and colorway ("floral"). I call this color combination -- pink-orange-yellow -- the "Shelley colors" after sweet Shelley of waldorf mama. The colors just remind me of her.

fiona's springtime longie8

fiona's springtime longie4

Anyway, these pants are my favorite yet.

Although, these photos of Fiona in the green longie -- when she was three days old -- are my favorite:

green longie1

green longie6

green longie2

green longie3

This post surely holds the record for number of photos of diaper covers. But how can this mama choose only two or three favorites? I can't. And there are even more over at flickr. ;)