Fast and not-too-dirty

My time for sewing lately is both infrequent and short, so when I do have a few minutes that I can spend at the machine, I want quick, satisfying projects so that I can feel like I've accomplished something tangible with that time.

pajama pants1

Elisabeth has lately stopped liking snug pajama pants, and though she has several pairs of loose flannel pajama pants that I've made her, she and I both thought she needed something lighter and more summery.

pajama pants2

I'd had this lightweight double knit from Superbuzzy sitting around for almost two years (eek! I can't believe that, but it's true!). I bought it with pajama pants in mind in the first place, and I'm glad this project finally made it to the top of the pile!

pajama pants3

I just used my usual "pattern" -- which was originally a tracing of some size 4 store-bought pajamas, and I've just been cutting them a bit bigger as needed over the last few years, tweaking it so that the fit is just what my girl wants.

pajama pants5

Three seams, a casing & elastic waist, and we're done. 25 minutes start-to-finish, I believe. (Now, I'll admit, when I first heard of people making pants for kids in 30 minutes, and then tried it myself, it took me much longer. But the more I make, the quicker it gets. So if you've never made them, and your first pair ends up taking you 90 minutes like mine did, have a steadfast heart. Sewing gets easier, I promise! Though that's another post altogether, I think....)

pajama pants6

I didn't even finish the hems -- I'd run out of time -- but I don't think it even matters on these light, casual, summery pajama pants with princess castles on them.

So perfect for my little princess.