Summer continues....

I'm still in summer mode. Even though summer is probably my least favorite season (I'll just duck as you all throw virtual tomatoes at me) -- because, I think, as a friend recently said, I'm more at peace with contraction than with expansion -- I'm not quite ready for it to be over this year. I keep waiting, excitedly, for my usual autumn turning inward, and the working energy that accompanies this shift. It hasn't come yet. However, I am just stepping back and allowing myself to be open to wherever I am right now. Still in a place of expansion? OK. The comfortable autumn shift will come when it's time.

at the pool

For now, I'm allowing myself to love this last little bit of summertime. Late-ish bedtimes, the last few trips to the pool. (My eldest girl got a racing suit towards the end of this summer. Oh, how big she's gotten!)

swimming suit




{You'll notice that I've been experimenting with a new look here. I know it's unfamiliar -- which can feel a bit jarring as a blog reader -- but I was ready for a little something new. I'll be working on it here and there -- I'm experimenting with the reading list a little bit. So, we'll see how it comes along! Thank you all once again for continuing to check in and for your many loving comments and emails. Really and truly. They are so uplifting to me.}