Typepad, you make my life such a hassle.

So, last year, TypePad unrolled a new compose editor that gave a lot of people, including me, no end of headaches.

Now, in their efforts to be more -- I don't know what, frankly -- they have instituted some additional changes. One of which has made it impossible for me to respond directly to comments anymore. Although I was no longer responding to every single comment, I was pretty pleased with the number I was able to respond personally to. Well, as of yesterday, that will no longer be happening at all.

Thanks, TypePad. I understand that my opinion means little to your giant company. If GoDaddy hadn't purchased my domain name and it wouldn't cost me hundreds of dollars to buy it back from them, I would be taking Uncommon Grace elsewhere. But it looks like I'm stuck with you.

Sorry, dear readers. I will be responding to questions directly in the comments. If you have a more involved question, please email me at the address in the sidebar.

Carry on with your Sunday.