The Bird Dresses

Last month I promised photos and information about Fiona's little birdie sundress. We finally had some nice days recently so I got some more pictures, although my littlest girl was a fairly unwilling model!

bird dresses10

The dresses are made using Park Slope birds fabric, which is now out-of-print. I'd been holding onto these three yards (one of the apricot and two of the turquoise) for a long time.

bird dresses1

bird dresses3

The patterns I used were found here. Fiona's was "Baby Annie" by Primrose Lane, which I adjusted to have shoulder buttons only (no back buttons), and Elisabeth's was "Louise" by The Children's Corner.

f's bird dress1

Rattle made by Papa Urchin! (And really that's a link to Mama Urchin, but I figure many of you already know Jennifer.) As an aside, I am once again so grateful for the generosity and handmade goodness that was shared with me and Fiona. You all blow me away.

bird dresses6

I made Elisabeth's without the pintucks on the skirt. The skirt of Elisabeth's was also shorter than I intended because I made a mistake cutting, and didn't have enough fabric to re-cut the skirt pieces. I ended up doing a rolled hem on the serger rather than a traditional blind-stitched hem as I did on Fiona's dress.

f's bird dress4

The buttons on both girls' dresses are vintage from my stash. The ones on Fiona's shoulders are favorites of mine which I had been saving with sundress shoulders specifically in mind for more than three years!

f's bird dress3

e's bird dress3

The placket on Elisabeth's dress gave me a great deal of frustration (there was some swearing) the night I was working on it. It could have been the late hour, or it could have been the instructions, but I tried and failed about four times before giving up. An online search for sewing plackets yielded me an amazing result and led me to my new favorite site, Children's Fashion Workshop. Thanks to Erin's wonderful tutorial, I made the placket the next morning and it was smooth sailing! (Erin's blog is beautiful, too. She's just the kind of person I'd imagine a mother bird would be.) And thanks to her, the placket turned out great.

f's bird dress6

These pictures of Fiona really remind me of the paintings of the Dutch Masters. (Oh, did I just compare my little old photography to Vermeer? I think I did just commit that faux pas.) But just look at my old fashioned-looking baby, and the light and shadow. See what I mean? I thought you might. ;)

f's bird dress5

bird dresses7

bird dresses5

I love these dresses. Even more, I love seeing my children wearing, using, something I've made with my own hands. But most of all? I love these two sisters.

bird dresses2