For a Baby Boy due in January

We attended a baby shower this week for a baby boy due to arrive at the beginning of January.

a card for a january boy

card 2

The card, which I was very pleased with. Sometimes I feel like my cards lack inspiration, but I was really excited about this one!

t-shirts for a january boy

And some t-shirts, which are horridly photographed, but I assure you, exceptionally adorable in real life. The elephant and the snowman are Japanese prints that I hoard and then carefully portion out for appliques (because my budget for Japanese fabrics is quite limited!). (Both came from Superbuzzy, but at least two years ago.) The dog is an older Heather Ross print. And who on earth can resist a dachshund in a sweater? Also, these wee kimono tops with the mitten flaps are my favorite. I cannot believe that I had a baby tiny enough to wear something that small a mere 7 months ago.

PS: Thank you for all your bird dress love! It's so much fun to share something I really love with all of you.