This and that, on a Sunday evening


Hello! It's still Sunday, and I'm here. (Getting used to weekend posting may be a challenge!)

I don't have too much to share this evening ... we had a lovely, quiet Sunday, without much to report.

Tonight, I'm anticipating my favorite festival on Wednesday, and finishing work on the sweaters.

I'm eating a snack of frozen blueberries.

I've had this song running through my head for several days now. Although the sentiments are clearly intended in a romantic vein (and may not be applicable to parenting), the hook of the song always makes me think of my wee Fiona. Such a joyful one, she is.

My favorite (and usual) camera lens is off to be repaired. It hadn't been autofocusing. Hopefully the repair won't be too complicated or expensive. Fortunately, I have other lenses I can use in the meantime, although they are both less versatile.

And that's about it.

See you tomorrow!